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Pizza shop

Neapolitan pizzas in a cozy place in the center of Tossa. 




Mediterranean dishes in a charming interior terrace.

el petit tossa de mar

El petit


Tapas and dishes next to the Ciutat Vella city walls.

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Pizza shop

Neapolitan pizzas in a cozy place in the center of Tossa. 

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Mediterranean dishes in a charming interior terrace.


El petit


Tapas and dishes next to the Ciutat Vella city walls.

The first leisure guide of Tossa de Mar

Where to eat in Tossa de Mar

Guide about gastronomy, bars and plans in one of the most beautiful towns of the Costa Brava.

From our passion for good food and our admiration for Tossa de Mar, XTossa was born, an online project where we want to share all the gastronomic and leisure proposals offered by this beautiful town on the Costa Brava. 

Restaurants where you can share a good meal, secret corners to enjoy a beer or special places with incredible views.

Welcome to XTossa, the best things to see and do in Tossa de Mar.


Best restaurants

Cóctel de naranja

Bars with terrace


What to do in Tossa

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Activities in Tossa


 Questions about Tossa de Mar 

What is the name of the Castle of Tossa de Mar?

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The most characteristic feature of this fishing town on the Costa Brava is its walled enclosure, Vila Vella. Declared a National Historic-Artistic Monument, it is made up of four towers and three cylindrical towers. In the highest part we will find the lighthouse, which replaced the old castle that crowned the enclosure and which can be climbed, either on foot, or in a little train. 

How many beaches can we find?


This municipality located in the region of La Selva, is characterized by the succession of cliffs and viewpoints that form its coast. A total of 15 beaches and coves are distributed throughout Tossa. The vegetation that surrounds them, the crystalline water and its coarse sand, are some of the main characteristics in common with all of them. 

What movie was shot in this fishing village on the Costa Brava?


Pandora and the Flying Dutchman, a 1952 film starring Ava Gardner and Sinatra, was the setting chosen for the recording of this film. As a tribute, a statue of Gardner was erected at the  viewpoint of Vila Vella.

What are the typical sweets of Tossa?


In Pastisseria Tomás, one of the most emblematic in Tossa, you can find "Sweet Kisses", some delicious cakes that pay homage to the great figure of cinema Ava Gardner. 

What is the Cim i Tomba?


The "cim i tomba" is a typical Tossa dish linked to its seafaring tradition. In the past, when the fishermen went out to fish, they were forced to eat on their boats. With a small stove and a pot they mixed potatoes, onions, garlic, tomatoes, peppers and fish. They poured oil and covered everything with water.

During the month of September, many restaurants participate in La Cuina del Cim i Tomba, an initiative that offers this Tossense dish prepared with monkfish, turbot, bacalao or line  

What is the typical beer in Tossa de Mar?


Tossa de Mar has its own beer, Castlania. You can find its two varieties in many of its restaurants and bars. The artisan-made Lager, for those who want a less bodied beer, or the Castlania with Honey, a Alc.5.8% vol beer with a stronger flavor.

Discover Tossa de Mar. We help you find the best plans if you are looking for what to do in Tossa. Where to eat, the best restaurants with views of the sea or the castle. At XTossa we have compiled restaurants, pubs and hotels in Tossa de Mar to help you discover the best activities in one of the most beautiful towns on the Costa Brava. If you're thinking of visit Tossa and you want to know what to do in a day or you enjoy living in Tossa de Mar, but you want to be up to date, at we help you discover romantic restaurants, signature cocktail bars, charming hotels and, in short, different and original plans to get out of the routine in Tossa de Mar. If you want to know all our gastronomic and leisure plans, subscribe to our newsletter.

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